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My Approach

I believe therapy is a process where we gain insight into ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors.  It is a place to identify problems, short term changes or life goals that you want to address. It is my responsibility to provide a safe environment to explore them. I use a combination of therapy  strategies: cognitive-behavioral, person centered and family systems to assist you.  I incorporate the inner creative spirit that can inform us in unexpected ways.  Every person and situation is different.  My job is to use the best strategies that apply to your situation. I will provide emotional support for you to explore your thoughts, actions, moods, relationships, spiritual issues, or life events that need attention.  I will respect and honor the integration of your body, mind and spirit. Together we will create a personal road map to work toward solutions.
 Children often communicate symbolically through play.  Symbols can be extremely informative, displaying the problems and issues the child may be grappling with.  I interpret ideas expressed during play to help and provide the child with the skills and ideas needed to address those problems. 
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