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Live every day of your life

Life has Joy

Life has Stress

When Stress outweighs Joy

Life needs change

Therapy helps you make that change


Worry becomes Anxiety

Sadness  becomes Depression 

Excited becomes Manic 

Scared becomes Phobia

Order becomes Obsessive

Arguing becomes Oppositional

Tantrums become Too Much

Events become Traumatic


You are looking for Personal Growth

I can provide the therapy you need to meet your goals

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Hi, I'm Sue.  

Welcome to my website.  I believe people want to live full and productive lives. For over twenty five years I have provided therapy for people and their families who wanted to feel better, to make changes in their lives, to seek personal growth, or mindfulness in everyday.


Give me a call and see how we can work together

                      to reach your personal goals!

Call me to set up an introductory appointment. 

Sue Colavito



            Video Counseling Available                                


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